In a world gone mad, you get a little angry.


The Chosen
A Team CiAO Film

(you may need to turn up your sound)

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Your are cordially invited to attend a Halloween 2010 weekend
Virtual Online Premiere of the indie zombie film The Chosen.
Come back any time between Friday the 29th at 6:00 pm and
Sunday the 31st at 12:00 midnight to view the original film
on which the web series will be based.

Note that there is also a semi-private screening at a private residence
on Saturday at 12:00 noon for cast, crew, friends and family.
You will be notified via a CiAO Alert! or contact us
for more information if you are not on the e-mail list.
(you should be on our e-mail list!)


Artwork by Shawn Dyer – Not Quite Hollywood – Chico, CA